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school's improvement plan

If your student had their photos taken on August 25th, they are available for ordering:


  • Visit Jostens HERE
  • You will have to create a new account if you don't have one already
  • Enter Event Code FE194322
  • Look up your student by their school ID number
  • Picture Retake Day:  October 7th, 2022

Parent Teacher Conferences:
October 19 -Virtual Conferences only
October 25 - In-Person Conferences only
(you may attend either option, more details will be sent out from teachers)
3:30 - 7:30pm

Administrative Team:
Aaron Fezzey (Principal)  [email protected]  ext. 41034
Matt Amerson (Asst. Principal) [email protected]  ext. 41038
Tate Haglund-Pagel (Asst. Pr.) [email protected]  ext. 41036
Heidi Sigfrids (Asst. Principal) [email protected]  ext. 41040
Bryan Denninger (Dean) [email protected]  ext. 41051
Barb Matlack (Dean) [email protected]  ext. 41053
Ella Olson (Activities Director) [email protected]  ext. 41317

Christy Biolo - Building Secretary - ext. 41030
Elaine Holmberg - Attendance - ext. 41029
Nicole Jensen - Treasurer Secretary - 41010
Denise Waltenberg - Powerschool - 41035
Nurses Office/ Lori and Alicia - ext. 41022/41023
Nicole Rothschadl - Activities Secretary - ext. 41316

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